In their 2007 bestseller Wikinomics, Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams taught the world how mass collaboration was changing the way businesses communicate, compete, and succeed in the new global marketplace. But much has changed in three years, and the principles of wikinomics are now more powerful than ever.

In this new age of networked intelligence, businesses and communities are bypassing crumbling institutions. We are altering the way our financial institutions and governments operate; how we educate our children; and how the healthcare, newspaper, and energy industries serve their customers.

In every corner of the globe, businesses, organizations, and individuals alike are using mass collaboration to revolutionize not only the way we work, but how we live, learn, create, and care for each other. You’ll meet innovators such as:
• An Iraq veteran whose start-up car company is “staffed” by over 45,000 competing designers and supplied by microfactories around the country
• A “micro-lending” community where 570,000 individuals help fund new ventures—from Azerbaijan to Ukraine
• An online community for people with life-altering diseases that’s also a large scale research project

Once again backed by original research, Tapscott and Williams provide vivid, new examples of organizations that are successfully embracing the principles of wikinomics.

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“A masterpiece. An iconic and defining book for our time.”
- Mark Parker, CEO, Nike

“MacroWikinomics inspires by chronicling pathbreaking developments and pointing the way forward for all of us.”
- Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

"With Macrowikinomics, Tapscott and Williams show how business, government and civil society, and people everywhere can leverage technology to work together in new ways to solve the greatest problems of our multi-polar world. Critical reading for those who want to help shape the new agenda.”
– Bill Green, Chairman and CEO, Accenture


Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything


In the first book to truly come to grips with some of the most profound business changes of our time, WIKINOMICS explains how winning companies innovate and succeed in the emerging age of mass collaboration.

Deep changes in the nature of technology, demographics and the global economy are giving rise to a new age where people participate in the economy like never before. This new participation has reached a tipping point where new forms of mass collaboration are changing how goods and services are invented, produced, marketed, and distributed on a global basis.

Millions of media buffs now use blogs, wikis, chat rooms, and personal broadcasting to add their voices to a swirling stream of dialogue and debate called the blogosphere. Employees drive performance by collaborating with peers across organizational boundaries, creating what we call a wiki workplace. Customers become prosumers by co-creating goods and services rather than simply consuming the end product. Supply chains work more effectively when the risk, reward, and capability to complete major projects — including complex physical products like cars, motorcycles, and airplanes — are distributed across a planetary network of partners.

These changes, among others, are ushering us toward a world where knowledge, power and productive capability will be more dispersed than at any time in our history — a world where value creation will be fast, fluid and persistently disruptive; a world where only the connected will survive. A power shift is underway and a tough new business rule is emerging: harness the new collaboration or perish. Those who fail to grasp this will find themselves ever more isolated, cut off from the networks that are sharing, adapting, and updating knowledge to create value.

With vivid and engaging examples, WIKINOMICS explains how smart firms are harnessing mass collaboration in powerful new ways to drive innovation and success. The new mass collaboration presents far-reaching opportunities for every company and, most of all, for you.

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"If you think you know it all already, think again -- Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams provide deep insights and clarify early trends at the dynamic intersection of collaboration and leading edge IT, stopping along the way to address innovative approaches to managing intellectual property, the emerging prosumer society where anyone can simultaneously be a producer or consumer, and open platforms to harness collective intelligence. Not content to merely report on this revolution, they cogently explain root causes and provide key insights that any business or technology leader must have to remain competitive."
Joseph Weinman, Executive Director, Strategy and Emerging Services, ATT

"No company today, no matter how large or how global, can innovate fast enough or big enough by itself. Collaboration – externally with consumers and customers, suppliers and business partners, and internally across business and organization boundaries – is critical. Wikinomics reveals the next historic step – the art and science of mass collaboration where companies open up to the world. It is an important book."
A. G. Lafley, CEO, Procter & Gamble