Could Wikileaks Set Back Open Government?

Category: NGOs & Government
Published on Nov 29, 2010

In the wake of yet another massive disclosure of compromising US government secrets, it’s worth reflecting on whether Wikileaks is helping or in fact undermining the transparency movement in the United States and abroad. To conclude that Wikileaks’ unapologetic disclosures are undermining transparency is admittedly a counter-intuitive. After all, the self-proclaimed “intelligence service of the people” has, in just a few short years, released more than a million confidential documents, from highly classified military secrets […]


Kickstarting global entrepreneurship

Category: Business & Economics
Published on Nov 18, 2010

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week and rightly so. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of a dynamic economy and society and the key to solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. Indeed as the global economy continues to sputter, it’s clear that we need entrepreneurialism more than ever. A study done last year by the Kauffman Foundation shows the extent to which job creation depends on new business creation. Using Census Bureau data, the Foundation examined […]