The Economist reviews Macrowikinomics

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Published on Sep 23, 2010

With just 5 days to go before the official book launch, media reviews are going to start flooding in. In the latest, The Economist calls Macrowikinomics a “Schumpeterian story of creative destruction” for the core institutions of modern society. Here’s a clip:

How can organisations profit from the power of the web rather than being gobbled up by it? Messrs Tapscott and Williams endorse the familiar wiki-mantras about openness and “co-creation”. But they are less starry-eyed than some. They not only recognise the importance of profits and incentives. They also argue that monetary rewards can be used to improve the public and voluntary sectors. NetSquared, a non-profit group, introduced prizes for the best ideas about social entrepreneurship. Public-sector entrepreneurs such as Mr Kundra are excited by the idea of creating “app stores” for the public sector. . .

Hierarchies can be just as valuable to the process of creative destruction as networks. But the authors are nevertheless right to argue that the web is the most radical force of our time. And they are surely also right to predict that it has only just begun to work its magic.

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How can individual mass collaboration improve the environment? At people are collaborating to grow food hydroponically in their homes. Could we set up sites to save energy, save water, clearn the air, reduce use of toxics, recycle, save soil, reduce CO2 production, compost, prevent run-off, reduce exposure to pesticides, reduce waste, produce biochar, food storage etc.? There is probably a book to be written on mass collaboration and the environment.

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