Republican “Climate Zombies” poised to control US Senate?

Category: Environment & Sustainability
Published on Sep 14, 2010

The hopes of any meaningful action on climate change emanating from the US Government could be quashed if, as expected, Republican candidates fare well in the upcoming elections. According to the Wonk Room, a blog run by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, virtually all Republican candidates for the Senate, save one (Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware ), have pubicly expressed varying degrees of doubt about the science of climate change, calling it “a conspiracy” and claiming that policies to limit pollution would destroy the economy.

Check out the post for a definitive list of on-the-record comments made by these so-called climate zombies. Apparently, Daily Kos is compiling a similar list and has been inundated with readers suggestions in response to a call for help in monitoring Republican comments on climate change.

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