50,000 Estonians clean up their country in one day

Category: NGOs & Government
Published on May 28, 2008

When Estonians regained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991 they not only acquired new political freedoms, they inherited a mass of rubbish–thousands and thousands of tonnes of it scattered across illegal dumping sites around the country. When concerned citizens decided that the time had come to clean it up, they turned not to the government, but to tens of thousands of their peers. Using a combination of global positioning systems and GoogleMaps, two […]


Wikinomics and the future of education

Category: Health, Science & Education
Published on May 12, 2008

Last week I gave a keynote at Case Western Reserve University, as part of the President’s Symposium on Collaborative Technology and the Future of Education. I’ve posted my slides on slideshare.com and I’m working with the event organizers to make the video of my talk available here. | View | Upload your own The event was organized by Lev Gonick, Case Western’s CIO and a trailblazer in educational innovation. Check out Lev’s blog for an […]