Wiki collaboration leads to happiness (updated and revisited!)

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Published on Mar 29, 2008


Earlier in the week I posted Manny Wilson’s creative depiction of the merits of wiki collaboration. I noted then how a participant at a recent talk I gave at Nokia had pointed out that the happy faces on the left of Manny’s diagram probably ought to be frowning. Chris then alerted me to an updated version of the diagram that reflects the personal and organizational pain that email so often inflicts (click on the thumbnail!)



True to form, my cross-post on generated an interesting debate about whether the emailers on the left side of Manny’s diagram should be frowning, or whether they are, in reality, quite content with the status quo:

Steve Gutenberg says:

“Its a matter of perspective. We’re the ones that frown at e-mail compared to wikis. The e-mailerers ARE happy to be e-mailing – their reality is completely different than ours.”

Euan Semple replies:

“Really Steve? I hear people moan about e-mail more than any other aspect of corporate life.”

Chris Rasmussen jumps in a little later to say (among other things):

“Email is not bad, its simply over-used. Its a when you only know how to use a hammer, all problems are a nail type thing.”

Which I thought pretty much nailed it (pardon the pun).

But you be the judge. Are occupational spammers blissfully overflowing your email inbox with overweight word documents and seemingly ignorant of the rising tide of wiki enlightenment that is bestowing happiness on a growing legion of devout followers? Or, are emailers painfully self-aware of the tragic cycle of email misery that obscures their path to wiki salvation? 😉

BTW, if you care to help out our sad, downtrodden brethren on the left, please weigh-in with your tips for entrenching a wiki culture!

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It’s so great to see this graphic explode over the net. From the high number of social bookmarks in to Technorati’s “Authority” count. The first blog stated that the graphic was “courtesy” of me, which is true. I did bring the graphic to a recent DC workshop sponsored by New Paradigm.

The updated blog post with frowning email accredits the graphic to me. This needs clarification. The graphic is generally accredited to the “Intellipedians.” But one Intellipedian in particular needs to be noted. The original was created by US Central Command analyst Manny Wilson. I recently had a colleague in my office change the email smiles to frowns and I take this graphic to every public speaking event, but I did not create it. Just wanted to clarify and give a shout out to Manny.

posted by Chris Rasmussen on 03.29.08 at 4:37 pm

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